Terms & Conditions for participation in the xto10x Startups Employees Love program
Eligibility requirements
When you participate in the Startups Employees Love program, you agree -
  1. Your startup employs 50 or more full time employees.
  2. Your startup is headquartered in India or has the majority of the employees based in India.
  3. Your startup was incorporated in or after 2010.

Participation fees and recognition validity
  1. xto10x charges no participation fees from startups participating in the Startups Employees Love program.
  2. Recognition for participating startups in Startups Employees Love 2022 program categories is valid till 31st December, 2022.
  3. When you register for the Startups Employees Love program, you enroll for assessment for four lists -
    1. Startups employees Love
    2. Best for women
    3. Best people practices
    4. Best managers
In the event that your startup is listed in one or more of the categories, you may use the badges in internal and external communication only for the duration of the validity period of the lists.

Participation requirements
By registering for the Startups Employees Love program, you agree -
  1. To use the xto10x proprietary 10xPeople tool to carry out the online assessment for the lists.
  2. To make the eNPS survey link available to all your employees.
  3. To ensure that at least 40% of your employees respond to the survey before the survey end date for your entry to be considered for evaluation.

Assessment process
  1. Assessment for the Startups Employees Love program is based primarily on xto10x’s proprietary online eNPS survey.
  2. The online survey result analysis is completely automated and based on employee responses.
  3. The assessment process for the Startups Employees Love program will be independent of any personal or commercial relationships between participating startups and xto10x.
  4. xto10x reserves all rights on the four lists of the program. The lists may not be subjected to any audit by an external party.
  5. Jury members, where applicable, will be screened for conflict of interest and sign non-disclosure agreements with xto10x with relation to data and results of participating startups.
  6. xto10x may initiate an audit in case of suspected foul play by any of the participating startups or if further information is required to arrive at the final decision on a list.

Data confidentiality and usage
  1. Participating startups in the Startups Employees Program agree to xto10x’s privacy policy, cookies policy and terms of use.
  2. All data shared by participating startups will reside with xto10x. Data will not be shared with other participants or third parties. Data includes company specific information as well individual survey responses and reports.
  3. If your startup qualifies for any of the lists, you agree to your startup’s name featuring in publications authored and/or authorised by xto10x. Participating startups waive any inspection or approval of such published material.
  4. xto10x may use aggregate data and overall reports for research, articles, interviews and presentations. In no circumstance will individual startups’ data be used.
  5. If xto10x chooses to publish findings about specific startups, it will only be done with prior consent of the respective startup.
  6. These terms and conditions will not apply to participating startups’ information that is already available or becomes available in the public domain, becomes available to xto10x from a third party on a non-confidentiality basis, and where the startup consents to disclosure.